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To buy a HUD home you need a real estate agent. Those are HUD’s rules. HUD will only accept bids from real estate agents that are registered with them. If you already have an agent, it’s easy for the agent to register. If you don’t have an agent, it might be wise to go with an agency that closes a lot of HUD deals, since they will know the process best. That’s where comes in. We look through the list of agents that closed deals on HUD’s website and then we publish that information. Then you can seek out that agent and move along towards purchasing the property.

So, now every listing on our website will have a link that says Click here to find a local real estate agent who deals with HUD. If you click that link, it will give you a list of local agents. To see what such a list looks like, here is a list of the top agents who close HUD deals in Wake County, North Carolina.